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Convenience and fuel is fast moving. Forecourts are no longer about pump-and-pay, but the extensive amenities customers expect to find. Likewise, convenience stores are increasing their share of our weekly spend as grocery buying habits change.

Data is critical to capitalising on the opportunity. Back office systems gather site-specific performance data, but as operations scale beyond a handful of sites, turning this data into meaningful intelligence is difficult. Deficiencies in reporting are compensated by human effort, which is expensive, time-consuming and error prone.

evoHeadOffice makes your data flow better

evoHeadOffice is a head office solution for convenience and fuel retailers that aggregates the data from all of your back office systems to draw out a universal view of your entire operation. With data centralised in a single head office system and rich reporting capabilities at your fingertips you can instantly discover trends, scrutinise almost any variable including pricing, promotions, replenishment and profitability and do so at both a macro and micro level. With a better understanding of your trading data, you’ll naturally make smarter business decisions.

What else can evoHeadOffice offer?

  • Manage all of your processes from one central location
  • Seamless integration with your existing back office technology estate
  • Tailored alerts, tasks and reports based on your specific requirements
  • Direct pricing import from suppliers for easier supplier management
  • Push capability to quickly share price changes, promotions and other data with retail outlets
  • A scalable system ready to grow as you do

Built-in financials capability

evoHeadOffice comes complete with comprehensive convenience and fuel-specific financial accounting tools. Whilst evoHeadOffice offers the freedom to export raw and report data in various formats including Sage, the presence of financials offers the opportunity to consolidate on a single platform and avoid running duplicate systems.

evoHeadOffice is part of evolution; our wider product family.  All systems for EPOS, back office and head office can be seamlessly integrated into a complete end-to-end retail solution.

evoHeadOffice solution deployed across EG Group’s UK estate

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