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Founded in 2010 in Bedford, England, TLM Technologies provides a complete solution for convenience and fuel retailers : Offering an end-to-end suite of products to optimise the operation of both c-store and forecourt through the supply, installation, support and service of software and hardware solutions.

Our world-class technology and support covers EPOSBack Office , Head Office and Forecourt Equipment. We develop unique technologies and integrate the systems necessary to make smarter, more profitable decisions. We also provide the critical services retailers rely on to keep operational, including 24×7 systems support.

Supporting every corner of convenience and fuel

Our experience spans every corner of the convenience and fuel sector, resulting in us now working with large retailers, oil companies, independent groups, small retail chains and sole operators. We help these organisations to unlock the full potential of their retail environments.

We stand apart because we offer end-to-end solutions for convenience and fuel and possess all-important know-how that is the accumulation of decades of experience our team has working within the sector. We’ve complemented this with a community of trusted partners, from leading technology brands like Oracle, where we are their preferred convenience and fuel partner, to emerging brands we believe have something new to bring to the market.

Striving for excellence in everything

All that we do is underpinned by industry-leading customer service. At the heart of this is honesty and ownership – two things we believe are integral to achieving the outcomes our customers seek. It means if we say we’ll do something we’ll always see it through, and if we can’t we’ll be clear about it upfront.

We’re proud of the experienced team we’ve assembled and every single person is encouraged to use their initiative in the pursuit of the best possible service for our customers. It’s our fundamental belief that happy staff make happy customers, and as such we promote a flexible, open culture that provides our employees with the freedom to be as innovative and collaborative as possible.

The UK and beyond…

We work with more than 1900 customers across the UK and the rest of the world. We have delivered projects in and support customers across mainland Europe and the Far East. Accordingly, our services are built to respond to customer requirements on a global scale.

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