How TLM take the evolution suite to new markets

by 15 July 2019

The fuel and convenience retail sector is one of the world’s fastest growing and evolving markets, and the pace of technological innovation in the UK especially, shows no signs of slowing. As new functionalities and technologies emerge, it’s no great surprise that businesses from further afield are keen to tap into this capability, especially if this is not yet readily available within their own country.

Just as we love seeing our solutions utilised by our customers across the UK, we are also committed to extending the reach of the evolution product suite into new markets, but just how do we take a UK-based solution and adapt this to suit? It starts with a 4-step approach.


It’s important from the outset to establish a firm understanding of the customer and the market in which they operate. Aside from any legislative conditions, there are also many cultural differences which need to be considered to ensure that any solution we ultimately deploy is fit to meet their needs.

Every country has its own set of rules for business, its own laws on financial governance, and even simple things like barcode formats that need to be considered. Understanding laws around taxation for example can be complex, and the impact of operating in a different language can also not be overstated. All of this must be appropriately researched to ensure that the next steps can be undertaken smoothly.


Now that we have a firm understanding of what is required, we can begin planning out the next stages of the project. This of course involves a great amount of communication with the customer, and we always endeavour to build strong ‘on-the-ground’ working relations to assist this.

At this point we can start to build out a full project timeline, establishing which elements require further development, when this work will be undertaken and when the final solution will be deployed.
We will also consider the solution post deployment, to ensure that an appropriate support infrastructure is in place to assist with any potential issues going forward.


The evolution product suite is very much a cutting-edge family of software, but even so, a certain amount of custom development is often required to ensure that our solutions are suitable for use in new environments.

Incorporating new functionality and building specific reporting capability can require some work, and making changes to fall in line with any governmental requirements is vital. On a recent project in the Czech Republic for example, all transactions are required by law to be logged live into a government fiscal server, a requirement which is unlike any other throughout Europe.

This needed a significant amount of development, creating a new link between evoPOS and the fiscal server so that all transactions were accurately recorded as required.


Now that all development work has been undertaken, the solution is ready for deployment. This process consists of 3 separate stages; testing in customer labs, live piloting and final roll out. The initial testing phase allows us to assess any new functionality to ensure that this has been implemented correctly and that the solution is now indeed fit for purpose.

Once complete, live piloting allows us to test this a real-world environment. This is often where the final 1% of adjustments are made, and any additional requirements can be quickly added. Once approved, the solution is now ready for full deployment throughout the business, whether this be a single store or across multiple sites.

This thorough process enables us to take our technologies to new markets, using the benefit of our years of experience working with customers throughout the fuel and convenience retail sector to deliver cutting-edge solutions to businesses across the globe.

It’s also an incredible opportunity for us to broaden our own horizons, taking the lessons learned from our new experiences to help further improve our product range for existing customers in the UK and beyond.

To learn more about the evolution product suite and how this can be implemented outside of the UK, get in touch with a member of the team.

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