Gulf Oil International partnership opens the door for new innovation

by 31 January 2018
Gulf Oil International Partnership

Gulf Oil International (GOI) Licensees and the merchants in their retail networks will benefit from the latest retail technology innovation thanks to a new agreement between GOI and TLM Technologies (TLM), that officially recognises TLM as GOI’s preferred Technology Partner globally.

The deal is just one part of GOI’s global growth plans as they seek to scale a 25-strong Gulf retail fuel network to 60, throughout the world.  These include new licensees in new markets including Mexico, South Africa, and the Philippines, and creating new enablement strategies to help personalise customer experience and capture new markets.

The partnership is yet further evidence of the inroads TLM is making in the fuel and technology markets and marks the significant potential major players see in their technology.

Commenting on the partnership, Paul Stannard, Global Business Development Manager at GOI said: “We’ve monitored TLM’s progress over the last 18 months and have been seriously impressed with the technology they are developing in the retail fuel market.  The technology roadmap they have ahead offers all the flexibility and forward-thinking our licensees need to be embracing to help their retailers build more customer-focused and sustainable businesses.  It’s for this reason we have chosen them as our Technology Partner and will be encouraging new and existing licensees to engage with TLM and take a closer look at their technologies”.

The cornerstone of TLM’s offering is evolution – an end-to-end suite of technology solutions including EPOS, back office, head office, reporting and fuel price management all delivered as on-premise or cloud-based solutions and available through commercially attractive and highly flexible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models. As a result, TLM is perfectly placed to work with GOI licensees globally and their retailers to help them streamline how they run their businesses and introduce exciting new digital technology.

Paul Muncey, Group Sales and Marketing Director at TLM explains: “We’re hugely excited about this partnership.  Not only does it recognise the modern technologies we’re bringing to the fuel and market, but our ability to help add value to GOI’s offering to its partners. TLM already support many Gulf retailers in the UK.  We inherently understand the challenges facing this market and the historic frustrations of retailers to achieve systems that join up and power smarter decision-making and better customer experience.  Our solutions are built on open technologies which means they’re quick to integrate and compatible with all sorts of third-party solutions globally.  This ensures retailers see the benefits in a fraction of the time”.

This is the latest in a series of impressive announcements from TLM as they look to inspire retailers with new possibilities and a refreshing approach to the technologies important to their business.

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