Why you should take notice of Windows 7 End of Life

by 19 July 2019

If you’ve kept your eye on the news recently, you may have come across the subject of Windows 7 End of Life. While it’s perhaps safe to assume that most people would be familiar with Windows 7 itself, the popular Microsoft operating system launched in 2009, something that many may not be fully aware of is the impending end of life date (OS) and the impact this might have on their business.

Ignorance is so often seen as bliss, but when it comes to Windows 7 EOL, being left in the dark could leave you with a major headache, so we’re going to explain exactly what this is and what it might mean for you.

What is Windows 7 End of Life?

After over a decade of use on desktop PCs, laptops and a host of other devices across the world, Microsoft announced earlier this year that Windows 7 will go end of life on 14th January 2020. In short, this means that from that date onwards any device operating with Windows 7, regardless of its age or use, will no longer be supported by Microsoft and as such will no longer receive patches or security updates.

Why does this matter?

Whilst your PC or laptop will continue to operate beyond this date, without additional support from Microsoft it may start to become very old, very quickly. You will no longer receive updated versions of the operating system delivering new features or enhancements, and there will be no more bug fixes for minor problems. Should you encounter any complications, you will also no longer be able to call upon dedicated Microsoft technical support to help you troubleshoot your query, so even minor issues could potentially stop you in your tracks.

Your other applications and software such as POS, Back Office and Head Office, may also be affected, causing long-term performance issues or perhaps even failing to function altogether. In fact, many major oil companies and retail brands are encouraging their sites and stores to upgrade their operating systems and retail software to ensure that they are up to date to avoid this very issue.

Perhaps more importantly however, your PC will become increasingly exposed to potential cyber security threats. Without regular security updates, your PC will no longer be protected, and the data held within it will become increasingly vulnerable to hackers and malicious third parties. Your data could be removed, corrupted or even worse stolen, creating significant issues that could have otherwise been prevented with swift action at the outset.

What are your options?

You could choose to carry on as you are without making any significant changes, and you may get lucky and avoid any major issues initially. However, as we’ve already highlighted, continuing with an outdated and unsupported legacy OS presents significant risks to your business and consequences of system downtime or data breach could be catastrophic.

The alternative is to upgrade your PCs and POS terminals, either by installing Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 offering on compatible devices, or replacing outdated hardware with Windows 10-ready alternatives. By moving to Windows 10, you’ll benefit from improved performance, advanced security and additional features. You’ll also be able to rest safe in the knowledge that your business is secured for the long-term with an operating system fully supported by Microsoft and compatible with any future software or applications you choose to install.

It’s not too late to act

Although the end of life deadline is fast approaching, there’s still plenty of time to make a change. Waiting until the last minute could cause added complications, so it really is best to act now and make a change without the added stress of running against the clock.

The good news is that the evolution product suite is fully compatible with Windows 10, so we can provide advice and assistance to all those who are looking to upgrade their PCs and POS terminals to run TLM’s next-generation of retail and convenience solutions. To learn more about Windows 7 End of Life or the evolution product suite, get in touch with a member of the team.

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