Powering our end-to-end suite of convenience and fuel applications

One data source for every system you operate

All of your systems – EPOS, back office and head office feed off their own respective databases. Consequently, each one has to be configured to interact with the others to produce the reports you seek and to function according to your preferred workflows. Inevitably this creates unwelcomed complexity, cost and also the potential for error as data records reside in multiple locations.

A single version of the truth

evoCentral is a convenience and fuel-ready database created to overcome this challenge. For the first time all of your systems, regardless of what you use can interact with a single database.

Key benefits

  • Achieve a single version of the truth, without compromising system resilience
  • No longer need to operate multiple databases for every critical system
  • Not suffer from islands of information as you extract what’s important to run your business
  • Only configure once for all applications to feel the benefit
  • Have the choice to deploy locally or access through the cloud for additional resilience

Through a series of smart connectors all of the important applications you use, plus practically anything else you need can hook into evoCentral. And being built on open standards enhancements can be made almost instantly.


Powering the Evolution suite of apps

evoCentral is at the core of Evolution – our end-to-end suite of applications covering EPOSback office and head office. Built on a single platform, Evolution offers everything a convenience and fuel retailer needs to run a smarter, more profitable business.

Develop your own apps in confidence

Functionality and database development are some of the biggest hurdles to creating your own apps. Now anyone looking to embark on projects of this kind, can build upon evoCentral safe in the knowledge that much of the hard work is done and you have a database that can seamlessly connect with all of your systems.

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