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Sharing data across supply chains

As convenience and fuel retailers augment their offerings, partner with complementary businesses, and engage new types of supplier, so the issue of systems integration comes to the surface.

Sharing data across supply chains, obtaining insight from new ventures and ‘joined-up thinking’ can feel like an impossible task. Security, compatibility of software, age of systems, even system location all have a bearing on success.

Convenience and fuel Systems Integration

Our skilled team of developers have exceptional operational knowledge of the convenience and fuel sector, as well as the all-important technical know-how necessary to bring together disparate systems to achieve the outcomes you seek. We’ve worked all over the world helping businesses integrate a host of different systems, including:

  • Fuel retailer back office systems with supermarket ERP
  • EPOS, back office and head office systems for global oil company
  • Pin Pads and Loyalty Terminals with EPOS for leading oil company
  • Development of Mobile Payment Solutions

We bring this knowledge to the table for every project we work on, helping us to overcome complexity and deliver genuine solutions that help you tackle the challenges of modern convenience and fuel retailing.

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