Our feature rich evoPOS with a slim back-office

Our feature rich evoPOS with a slim back-office

evoLite is a cost-effective, next-generation POS and back-office package that has been specifically designed for retailers (fuel or convenience only) who need a modern POS and a simplified back-office. Perfect for retailers who don’t need full back-office functionality – why pay for features you don’t need or use.

Unlike legacy systems commonly in use by retailers, evoLite is built on modern, open standards which means no painful wait times for new functionality as enhancements can be written and released in a fraction of the time – keeping you up-to-date with the latest retail trends.

evoLite is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, so there’s no heavy upfront expenditure, just a simple monthly fee based on the number of locations you chose to use it at. If your business needs change and you want to upgrade to a fully featured back-office there is simple upgrade path available to you without expensive upgrade costs. Read the Case Study here

evoLite delivers a modern POS and simplified back-office

Streamline your back-office operations and automate recurring tasks whilst ensuring routines are personalised to your business. Capabilities such as Reporting and Retail Price Management give you visibility of profit and margin, ensuring you can run your business effectively. evoLite includes…

  • Intuitive interface on both POS and back-office
  • Run your back-office on a PC, mobile or tablet with multiple users
  • Feature rich evoPOS 
  • Superfast transactions – 5x quicker than current EPOS systems
  • Powerful import of legacy data from existing systems
  • Powerful promotion functionality – including real-time best deal promotions
  • Back-office dashboard for clear visibility of fuel, shop sales and tank levels
  • Reporting functionality
  • Create and amend stock items
  • Age restriction capability
  • Shelf edge label printing

Your evoLite can of course be installed on a queue-busting tablet and is easily adapted to evoSelf-Checkout.

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