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Managing productivity, profitability and perception
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Managing productivity, profitability and perception

Consumers are becoming increasingly digital, creating a growing need for retailers to keep pace with the times. As the technology your customer comes into contact with most, EPOS systems are therefore at the forefront of modern convenience and fuel retailing. They have the potential to improve customer service through exciting new experiences and they also have an integral role in operations, tracking data from sales mix, to margins, top sellers to theft.

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Choosing the right EPOS for your forecourt or c-store is essential. Whether you’re an oil company, symbol group, independent or chain, we’ll help you make the best possible decision, considering where you are today, your ambitions for the future and the functions important to your business.

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Our own next-generation EPOS solution is designed exclusively for convenience and fuel retailing and to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Built on well-known and trusted technology, we are Oracle’s leading partner in convenience and fuel and are able to deliver a variety of Oracle-powered EPOS solutions.

TLM Technologies install and support MRH Retail Esso site acquisition

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