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Discover the next-generation EPOS system

evoPOS is purpose-built so convenience and fuel retailers can take advantage of modern technologies that enhance the customer experience and help drive margins.

Created for convenience and fuel retailers just like you

Unlike the EPOS systems you’ve been used to, evoPOS has been built exclusively for convenience and fuel retailers. From the ground-up it’s been painstakingly created in partnership with our user group of real-world retailers, to address all the commonplace functionality you expect and add some pretty amazing features besides.

Your connected POS awaits

The connected POS is integral to the future of convenience and fuel retail. It will bring together the digital services both you and your customer rely on, helping to create better in-store experiences, open up new revenues and optimise margins.

Zero risk – compatible with Oracle

Yes, that’s right, best of all evoPOS seamlessly integrates with what you already have, so you can migrate at a pace that suits you and without fear of lost sales or compatibility headaches.
There’s no time to lose…

Head-turning commercials

It’s a big deal deciding to replace your EPOS and we know that no one likes the upfront expense of investment in technology. That’s why evoPOS is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. It means one low monthly cost for all the sites where you want to use it.

Can your EPOS do this?

evoPOS promises awesome functionality now and always. Being built on an open, development-friendly platform, we can write new capabilities into evoPOS quickly. It also ensures we have a long roadmap of future developments so new innovations keep on coming.

Simple to use interface

Highly intuitive gesture-driven interface works just like a smartphone, ensuring minimal training time and seamless knowledge share.

Faster service

The simple to use interface means customers are served faster, supporting sales and ensuring the best in-store experience.

Best deal promotion engine

Ensures the customer always gets the best deal whilst avoiding double discounting and unnecessary losses for the retailer.

Integrated Apps and Services

Built on open technology evoPOS easily connects to best-in-class third-party apps and services that drive your business forward.

Mobile straight out-of-the-box

Both customers and retailers can enjoy a value-added experience as the result of software built for a mobile-first retail environment.

Real-time reporting

Gain valuable reporting
and analysis capabilities to better inform