Improve margins and profits while reducing manual processes and errors

Software to fuel your pricing strategy

PriceAdvantage helps you make faster, more informed decisions about your fuel price and margins, enabling you to sell at the right price at the right time, from anywhere.

Having already been successfully rolled out into the Euro Garages estate, the PriceAdvantage software integrates seamlessly with the Oracle EPOS solutions allowing the automatic changing of fuel prices on the POS, pumps and pole sign simultaneously.

The dynamic fuel pricing management tool’s modular format means you can choose the elements you wish to implement to include benefits such as:

Control Centre
This allows for store-specific rules on pricing to allow agreed margin of X pence, or be X pence less/ more than the local competition; using information based on competitor prices the system will suggest optimum pricing to maintain/increase volumes.

Given the correct infrastructure this allows price changes from head office/back office to be pushed to the POS, pumps and pole sign without the need for manual intervention.

Allows staff to enter competitor prices from a mobile device – phone/tablet/laptop.

Financial Intelligence
Integration of accounting and back end systems to easily extract specific data points.

Competitive Intelligence
Extracting data from leading pricing companies to view prices in the locality.

Provides the ability to analyse at store level for all grades across dates giving margin/volumes and competitor information.

Detailed reports and historical data to assist your pricing strategy.

Learn when competitors change their prices; managers input price surveys and you get confirmation that changes have been made no matter where you are.

Economic Modelling
Create what-if scenarios by adjusting price and seeing the potential impact of volume and margin in advance.


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