Why BP is endorsing evoPOS®, the future of EPOS

by 24 October 2018

Retail technology is evolving at such a rate that standing still can very quickly feel like moving backwards. In particular, continuing to operate with outdated POS software could pose serious risks to your retail business. Limited functionality and archaic interfaces can be a real pain for both staff and shoppers, slowing down transactions, confusing users, and creating queues. Critically, if your existing POS is still running on a nearly 20-year-old Windows XP operating system, it may be vulnerable to cyber threats, providing both minimal protection and limited opportunity to modernise functionality as you’re denied the latest updates and patches. It’s therefore vital your own retail system is able to match the pace of the fast-moving digital era, and what’s more, is ready for the future.

That’s why BP, one of the world’s leading oil companies, is choosing to endorse evoPOS®, our next generation EPOS, and encouraging their retailers to upgrade legacy software to our exciting new solution. This is a significant milestone for TLM, and we are proud that evoPOS has been officially approved by such a beacon in the fuel and convenience industry.

A subscription-based software offering delivered as-a-service, evoPOS means no more eye-watering outlays for the refresh of your POS system; just a single monthly fee in exchange for a future-proof environment, enhancing your customers’ in-store experience and revolutionising how your people work.

What does evoPOS mean for you?

evoPOS provides all the typical functionality you would expect from a standard POS plus a wide range of innovative and modern features for added versatility. Built on a state-of-the-art open platform, it enables a continuous stream of unique, value-adding developments as well as integration with third-party apps and services such as loyalty and promotional engines, so you can always ensure customer benefits are in place to keep them coming back again and again.

evoPOS’ intuitive touchscreen interface is simple to use and provides super-fast transactions 5x faster than current EPOS solutions, cutting the time taken to train staff and cutting down on customer wait times. Multi-lingual capabilities also make it perfect for a modern, diverse workforce and customer base. You’ll also be able to feel the benefits of real-time reporting by tracking important sales data and next-generation functionality such as mobile self-scan and mobile payments.

How easy is it to upgrade?

In short, very. If your BP site is operating with legacy POS systems such as Oracle Iridium, evoPOS is fully compatible and ready to go, so there’s no need to worry about risking your sales and transaction history – you can simply upgrade seamlessly and start reaping the rewards straight away.

evoPOS is also due to be deployed as a cloud-based solution and can easily be integrated with other TLM offerings including evoHeadOffice and evoBackOffice, all powered by our unified database; evoCentral.

If you’d like to know more about evoPOS and how it could transform your BP store, or else learn more about the wider evolution suite of products, please speak to one of the team for further information.

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