Retailers running Windows XP terminals increasingly at risk

by 30 May 2018
The risks of continuing to run EPOS terminals on Windows XP

Despite support officially ending in April 2017, we continue to find large numbers of retailers who are unaware that they are running POS terminals on the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.  Our findings are a product of the work we do directly for convenience and fuel retailers, as well as on behalf of several leading oil companies and symbol groups.  In large part, it’s due to the legacy EPOS systems these retailers are operating, principally Oracle Iridium, which will only work on older computer operating systems like Windows XP.

What does this mean if you’re one such retailer?

Firstly, there’s no more security patches or system updates for Windows XP vulnerabilities.  As each month passes the likelihood of security issues and incidents rising from the operating system therefore increase.  Without patches and updates your terminals, and indeed your EPOS system itself, becomes an easier target for malicious code that can steal or damage your data.

What should you do about it?

While there are intermediary steps you can take to mitigate some of the vulnerabilities that come with continuing to run XP, there’s no way of fully insulating yourself from the risks unless you update to a newer operating system.

Our advice is that retailers still running their EPOS systems on Windows XP should consider moving to a newer operating system to achieve a more secure experience. There have already been many news stories break around the world of retailers having their systems hacked because of XP security flaws.

Regrettably, updating to a more modern and secure operating system will almost certainly mean you have to update your EPOS too, as Iridium was designed for the XP operating system and earlier.

Helpfully, evoPOS; our new EPOS system, is ready to run alongside your legacy Iridium systems if you chose to phase them out.  Taking advantage of a hybrid solution like this means you can keep running your business as you have done previously, but swiftly move to a more modern EPOS at the same time.

If you’d like to know more about evoPOS or discuss tackling your Windows XP vulnerabilities, get in touch.


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