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The connected POS has arrived

EPOS is vital to convenience and fuel (C&F) retailing, influencing both sales and customer service.  However, emerging consumer habits and new possibilities to differentiate using digital technologies are challenging conventional EPOS.  We are entering the era of the connected POS – where all in-store services for both the retailer and customer converge to deliver the best customer experience, foster new revenues and grow margins.

Next-generation EPOS

evoPOS has been specifically developed for the C&F sector – designed not only to deliver the commonplace functionality expected of EPOS, but advanced features that more closely align with a modern, digitally-powered C&F retail environment.

Built from the ground-up for a mobile-first world, evoPOS offers exciting functionality like mobile payment, and the queue-busting capabilities of tablet EPOS.  As the pathway-to-purchase is increasingly influenced by digital trends, evoPOS is developed on a non-proprietary open platform that can change quickly and adapt to whatever the future holds.

And where functionality is not natively available in evoPOS, best-in-class apps and services for anything from loyalty to frictionless shopping are free to integrate directly into the system.  It’s because our software code is ready to receive plug-ins from all sorts of other providers to help you create a connected POS that’s just right for your business.

Exciting new possibilities

evoPOS is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, so there’s no heavy upfront expenditure, just a simple monthly fee based on the number of locations you chose to use it at.

It’s the next step towards a faster and more flexible EPOS that will help capture new income, boost profit margins and get you ahead of the competition.

  • Backward compatibility with your existing Oracle technology estate
  • Securely integrate to best-in-class apps and services to drive your business forward
  • Rapid release cycles to introduce new features
  • Superfast transactions – 5x quicker than current EPOS systems
  • Best deal promotions engine offers customer value and avoids double discounting
  • Multi-lingual options
  • Intuitive interface means less time training
  • Cloud-based deployment

evoPOS will seamlessly integrate not only with your existing EPOS estate, but also with TLM’s other evolution solutions, evoHeadOffice – our Head Office solution, and evoBackOffice – our new back office solution.  Powered by evoCentral, our unified database, together they offer complete intelligence across your entire retail environment.

Hungry to know more?

Download the evoPOS datasheet to learn more about this game-changing solution.

Invite customers to self-serve using our innovative evoSelfCheckout capability built into your evoPOS. This is a cost-effective solution for our retailers equipped with evoPOS which allows customers to complete their retail journey rapidly. Benefits include; one member of staff can be used to supervise multiple pay stations, fuel retailers can reduce convenience only queuing,  minimum new hardware required and no additional footprint necessary.

The Hybrid

 The Hybrid evoSelfCheckout requires little additional hardware. Your standard POS simply turns into a self-serve checkout when needed. Switching your media screen to a customer facing self-checkout screen. Our most cost-effective and versatile option with no additional footprint.

The Dedicated

The Dedicated evoSelfCheckout stands alone and is a devoted self-serve solution.  With its compact modern design and built-in peripherals is has a small footprint and is economical. A great choice for those who want a dedicated station.

Time to see it in action

If you like what you’ve heard, why not book a demo to see evoPOS in action.  In just 30 minutes we’ll show you what a powerful solution it is and how you can start to build your very own connected POS.

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