Join the evolution – three exciting things you didn’t know about evolution from TLM

by 18 August 2017

Join the evolution – three exciting things you didn’t know about evolution from TLM

The convenience and fuel market is hearing more and more about the evolution product suite from TLM Technologies; evoPOS is now entering pilot phase, and the series of focus groups designed to steer functionality development is in full swing. Consulting with their customers every step of the way during the development process has enabled TLM’s team of experienced developers to prioritise the functionality that is important to the market, as well as keeping up to date with industry trends.

It may seem obvious, but keeping sight of what is important to customers is crucial when developing a solution for the convenience and fuel market. In holding their focus groups, the TLM team ensure that retailer priorities steer development. Reduction of costs and overheads, increased margins and sales, improved security, and the ability to make informed business decisions were found to be the most important to the retailers consulted – representing both independents and groups of all sizes from all over the UK.

With that in mind, three of the most exciting things that the evolution product suite has in its extensive repertoire are mobile self-checkout – drastically reducing the cost of providing self-checkout facilities; Loyalty – to increase margins and sales, and the innovative evo+ solution – helping retailers use the wealth of data from their stores to make smarter, more profitable business decisions.

Reduce costs and increase margins with evoPOS and mobile self-checkout   

Evolution breeds new EPOS

Self-checkouts are traditionally thought to be too expensive and take up too much space for the investment to offer a return to convenience retailers. With evolution and the introduction of mobile self-checkout that changes. The possibilities of a tablet-based POS solution go beyond simple queue busting; offering retailers the flexibility to bring out a ‘portable POS’ when required at busy times without being a permanent fixture in the store improves efficiency, increases margins and reduces labour costs. Mobile apps enable retailers to offer their customers ‘self-scan’ capabilities using their own smartphones, freeing up store staff and encouraging loyalty through app and social media linked promotions and bonuses.

Keep your customers coming back for more with inbuilt Loyalty

Loyalty has conventionally been viewed as a point collection task driven by the supermarkets; but times are changing and consumers want instant rewards. Loyalty can now simply and seamlessly become part of the independent convenience and fuel retailer’s everyday operations, offering them all the benefits of customer retention as well as being able to use customer data to offer personalised services and promotions. Integration with loyalty programs from the major oil companies, an in-house loyalty solution and seamless integration with third-party loyalty providers such as Azpiral will ensure that retailers running evoPOS increase footfall, basket spend, and encourage profitable, lasting relationships with their customers. In addition, Voucher promotions are a tangible benefit to customers returning to the store, reinforcing their loyalty.

Use your data to make smarter business decisions with innovative basket analysis solution, evo+

 evo+ will transform the way retailers use their stores’ data. Launching in October 2017, this solution promises to revolutionise business decision making, enabling retailers to maximise profit, increase sales and optimise margins. With critical real-time data and rich reporting capabilities at their fingertips, convenience and fuel retailers can take control of their businesses, getting right to the heart of what each transaction means for their stores. Reports such as basket analysis, promotions analysis, voids analysis and profit breakdown provide the detailed information retailers need to make faster, more profitable business decisions.

Join the evolution

As we get closer to 2018, technology from TLM is looking ever more exciting; with innovative solutions and a flexible attitude to development, TLM solutions will continue to underpin and elevate the growth of the convenience and fuel industry in the UK and beyond.


For more information on evoPOS, evo+ or any of the other exciting solutions in the Evolution product suite from TLM, just get in touch!

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