Hurrah! No more double discounting

by 02 August 2018
No more double discounting

As we set about developing our evolution suite of products we established a User Group of real world retailers who have played a major part in shaping the products we have released, and indeed are developing. In the case of EPOS, one of the single biggest software frustrations convenience and fuel retailers encounter is systems offering double discounts to customers when the same product appears in multiple promotions. This normally occurs when a basket is composed of multiple items that have individual offers applied to them as well as group discounts like meal deals. It’s a constant source of lost revenue for many retailers, as unless it’s spotted at the point of transaction by a checkout clerk then the customer benefits from both promotions and results in product margin being given away unnecessarily. Relying on human intervention in this way is clearly not a reliable means of identifying these occurrences either.  Aggregate the effects of this over the long term or where more than one store is concerned and the lost revenue impact can be eye watering.

While removing this from a transaction may sound like a seemingly simple fix for today’s modern software applications, the truth is it’s a very difficult task to automate and why it’s not appeared in EPOS systems to date. Until now…

evoPOS® – TLM’s ground-breaking new EPOS is the first system to entirely eradicate the double discounting phenomenon. Through clever checking routines evoPOS ensures that no basket suffers double discounting. However, the sophisticated promotions engine built into evoPOS goes one step further by applying only one of the discounts available to the customer and allowing the retailer to choose if the discount is in their or the customer’s favour.

It’s a long overdue solution that convenience and fuel retailers have been crying out for. It’s just one of the unique functionalities we’ve built into evoPOS and is great evidence of the speed of development that comes with writing software on an open platform rather than a closed system like that retailers have endured previously. It also perfectly illustrates the philosophy that sits behind evolution, which is focused squarely on providing the exact functionality retailers demand.

If you’d like to know more about the new promotions engine in evoPOS or would like to take a closer look at the solution, please get in touch with us.

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