How do I know when I need a Head Office solution?

by 28 May 2019

Consumer habits have undoubtedly changed in recent years, and with it the appetite for convenience has never been so great. Consumers now expect more from their local forecourt or store than ever before, leading many retailers to not only diversify their offerings, but also expand with multiple sites.

While this growth can of course deliver attractive commercial benefits and economies of scale, this comes hand in hand with additional financial and operational complications that impact upon long-term success. How can you accurately assess the performance of a business spread across multiple sites? How can you use individual sales data to inform your decisions? How can you better control operations individually or collectively?

Placing your trust in the right technology could hold the answers you seek, and implementation of a suitable Head Office solution is the secret to a streamlined approach to multi-site management, but how can you be sure that this is what you need?

First things first, what is Head Office?

A Head Office solution, such as evoHeadOffice, is a centralised software solution that delivers universal control and overall visibility of your entire business – not just one store but all of them. Information and sales data collected at individual sites gathered by Back Office systems is collated inside the Head Office solution, and viewed via a single management point.

With all of your valuable sales data in one place, you can better understand not just the performance of individual locations, but also the overall performance of the business, using enhanced reporting capabilities to generate valuable insights into areas such as basket spend, promotion success and consumer habits. You can then use these insights to make informed decisions that benefit the business as a whole, as well as potentially making an impact on individual sites.

It’s not just about receiving data too. With an effective Head Office solution, decisions can be made centrally and then executed across your whole retail network or even store by store. It makes sharing promotions, managing inventory or streamlining purchasing a breeze.

Is Head Office right for me?

If you’ve reached a sufficient size that evaluating business performance of multiple sites is becoming a challenge, then there is a good chance that you’ll benefit from the implementation of a Head Office solution. In our experience, any retailer with more than five sites is likely to come up against these headaches. However, with evoHeadOffice fully accessible on-the-go through a browser-based access portal, you don’t actually need to have a physical head office or a huge network of sites to benefit. It means retailers operating a smaller number of sites can also implement a Head Office solution and still realise considerable value from an aggregated view of all locations.

Ultimately, the decision to implement a Head Office solution rests very much on the level of scrutiny you are looking to apply to the assessment of business performance, and how much importance you place on achieving a greater level of visibility over each of your sites to reveal insights and deliver improvements. If you’re hungry to understand more and make smarter decisions concerning finance and operations, then this solution could be for you.

If you have more questions about implementing a Head Office solution or you’re interested in exploring evoHeadOffice, get in touch with a member of the team.

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