Forging the future of POS: TLM and OXHOO

by 26 September 2018

TLM Technologies is very excited to announce a new and exclusive partnership with high-tech POS manufacturer, OXHOO. The partnership sees OXHOO become the primary provider of POS hardware for evolution, TLM’s next-generation suite of software products, and vice versa.

Prior to engaging OXHOO, we had experienced numerous challenges finding POS hardware that could truly realise all of the capabilities included in our next-generation POS solution, evoPOS®. Certain limitations meant that the solution wasn’t meeting its full potential and the cost to customers was not proving particularly competitive, prompting us to seek a more affordable, reliable and innovative alternative. Following an extensive market review, we turned to OXHOO who have built an exceptional reputation for state-of-the-art POS hardware, rock-solid service, and value for money.

“We first made the decision to partner with OXHOO upon meeting them at the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) at the Olympia in London back in May,” said Head of Major Oil & International Sales, Mark Gibbs. “Having spent some time with the OXHOO team to demo their POS products and learn about their business’ vision for the future, we quickly realised that their technology was a perfect fit for evolution.”

Manufactured entirely by OXHOO, the POS systems are high-quality, attractive, and cost-effective. What has impressed us the most, however, is how future-proof the hardware has been designed to be. It is scalable, easily adaptable, and constantly evolving – just like evoPOS. As the evolution product suite is built on open standards, an equally flexible POS is critical, and OXHOO’s varied range of exceptional products is proving a great fit with our products. The terminals are very reliable, too, evidenced by an excellent failure rate of only 0.25%, offering customers important peace of mind. What’s more, OXHOO’s all-in-one units are extremely compact, built for small-format retail environments where space is at a premium to help reduce the technology footprint.

Dedicated to delivering the best possible solutions to our customers, we’re very pleased by OXHOO’s impressive lead times, so if a customer should need a solution turned around quickly, the supply of both hardware and software is consistently very fast. The partnership has also meant that TLM and OXHOO can work collaboratively to hone and enhance our solutions for the further benefit of customers, and even call upon customer feedback to shape any future POS offerings.

This is a game-changing partnership that combines revolutionary POS hardware and ground-breaking, future-proof software at a highly competitive price. To learn more, contact us at

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