Five reasons you can’t afford to ignore evoPOS

by 14 March 2018
5 reasons you can't afford to ignore evoPOS

Today we’re incredibly proud that evoPOS – our next-generation EPOS has gone on general release.

18 months ago, we decided to embark on developing our own suite of software specifically for convenience and fuel retailers – evolution.  It was a response to a darkening picture that we could see retailers facing after Oracle (the dominant technology provider in the space) withdrew its commitment to developing its software for the sector.  With retailers stuck on a stagnating technology and convenience and fuel retail emerging as one the fastest moving and fastest growing sectors in retail, we could see there was an opportunity to satisfy a genuine market need, but to also create some new, something fresh.

We recruited the best developers – people with real-world experience of software development in the convenience and fuel sector.  We created our own evolution user-group – after all if we were going to develop software we wanted it to be the best available and overcome all the frustrations retailers were sick of with their legacy systems not matter how big or small.  The user groups have met every other month through our development process, trialling our software, feeding back and enabling us to keep refining.

With EPOS systems such a fundamental part of the retail environment, this was the most obvious place to start.  And so evoPOS was born.

So, why is it so special?

Here’s five reasons why you can’t afford to ignore evoPOS

  1. It’s the heart of a truly Connected POS

The Connected POS is much talked about in convenience and fuel retail.  It’s the idea that the POS will become the core of the entire in-store experience, helping you to integrate all sorts of interesting and lucrative digital services to make the customer experience more enjoyable, create new revenues and boost margins.

However, there’s some major challenges in trying to create a truly connected POS on legacy technologies.    For the lay person, legacy EPOS systems are based on proprietary code which means only the creator i.e. the vendor has access to this.  New functionality can therefore only be developed by the vendor.  The result is slow development cycles (as no vendor can develop everything) and often limited functionality (as no vendor can be the best at everything you’ll need in the software).  We’ve recognised this and therefore created evoPOS on modern, open software standards and freely opened our code up to any third-party developer.  It means if the functionality you’re after isn’t natively available in our software, you’re free to work with a host of best-in-class apps or service providers who will be able to integrate directly into our system.  So, you have the flexibility to choose everything from the mobile pay service you use, to the loyalty provider you prefer to help you create the best in-store experience for your business.

While other new EPOS vendors are entering the market with seemingly attractive solutions, nearly all are based on proprietary code, so while new functionality may be there on day one, history is likely to repeat in the long-term as retailers become frustrated with lack of innovation, or the cost of custom integration of other services you may want to use.

  1. New functionality comes thick and fast

Because evoPOS is built on modern software standards new functionality can be developed in a fraction of the time.  It means no waiting around for new features that may never arrive.  It also affords us a long planning horizon as we know that innovation can be quickly developed by our team and we can confidently commit to a product roadmap well into the future.

  1. Escape vendor lock-in

We’ve been told by many of our customers that they had been feeling trapped with limited options for where they could take their legacy EPOS systems next.  Indeed, it’s a big part of the reason why we chose to begin development of the evolution suite in the first place.  With the arrival of evoPOS, fears over being stuck on old technology that’s no longer being developed for your needs disappear.

  1. It’s backwards compatible with Oracle

Brilliantly, evoPOS is ready to work alongside Oracle Prism2 and Iridium2.  It means you have the freedom to stage migration to your new POS at a pace that suits your business without the risk of systems getting turned off, lost sales or the worries of costly integration.

  1. There’s no one-time capital expenditure

evoPOS is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution so there’s no heavy upfront capital expenditure to refresh your systems, just one simple monthly cost based on the number of sites you chose to use it at.  The solution is delivered as an on-site solution today, but it won’t be long before you’ll have the option of a cloud service as well.

And that’s just a few of the reasons you’ll want to be taking a closer look at evoPOS.  To find out more click here.  What’s more, for a limited time, we will be offering attractive early-bird discounts to all retailers. Alternatively, see it for yourself and come visit us at the forthcoming NCS show at the NEC between 16-18 April where we’ll be demonstrating evoPOS in all its glory.

evoPOS is just the beginning though, we have new products just around the corner for back office and head office to name just two, all built on the same design principles and spirit of innovation as evoPOS.


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